StateDroid: Stateful detection of stealthy attacks in Android apps

Upload an APK file for analysis to find out potential attacks shown in table below. Currently, the tool is set to run for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Select file to upload:

Sample APKs: AbortNotification.apk, AnswerCall.apk AutoReply_SMS.apk BlockCall.apk

Results for known malware samples: NickiSpy, Android.HeHe

Detectable Action Attacks in StateDroid
# Action Action Description
1 abort_notification Abort a broadcast notification for an incoming SMS or a phone call
2 add_shortcut Add app shortcut on home screen for spamming
3 answer_call Answer an incoming phone call
4 autoreply_SMS Send auto reply for an incoming SMS message
5 block_call Block/disconnect/end an incoming or outgoing phone call
6 change_volume Up/down volume stream settings
7 check_screenlock Perform a check if device screen is locked or not
8 decrease_brightness Reduce device brightness to its lowest value
9 delete_database Delete data from a sensitive (SMS/call logs/browsing history/contacts/bookmarks) database
10 display_home Display home screen
11 encrypt_file Encrypt or decrypt a file (e.g., photos) before leaking it out
12 execute_command Execute a shell command
13 forward_call Forward an incoming call
14 hide_dialpad Hide call screen dialpad
15 increase_brightness Increase device brightness
16 install_app Install an app
17 leak_info Leak sensitive information (e.g., IMEI, phone number, location coordinates)
18 lock_device Lock the device after getting device admin access
19 log_userclicks Log user clicks using accessibility service
20 read_database Read data from a sensitive (SMS/call logs/browsing history/contacts/bookmarks) database
21 read_file Read a file (e.g., user info file, photos)
22 record_video Record an audio or video file
23 remove_shortcut Remove app shortcut from launcher menu
24 reset_password Reset device password programmatically
25 ringer_normal Set device ringer to normal mode
26 ringer_silent Set device ringer to silent mode
27 ringer_vibration Set device ringer to vibration mode
28 save_database Save data into database
29 send_SMS Send text message
30 silence_ringer Silence device ringer using Java reflection
31 scan_network Scan network for files
32 start_call Start a phone call
33 turnOff_WiFi Turn off WiFi settings
34 turnOff_airplane Turn off airplane mode
35 turnOff_data Turn off cellular data
36 turnOff_vibration Turn off vibration settings
37 turnOn_WiFi Turn on WiFi settings
38 turnOn_airplane Turn on airplane mode
39 turnOn_data Turn on cellular data
40 turnOn_vibration Turn on vibration settings
41 uninstall_app Uninstall an app
42 write_sink Write data to a sink API for leakage